Tiffany has led a varied existence, all contributing to her business prowess. Born to working singer/songwriters, she came into this world as part of the music industry. Family friend and honorary godfather, legendary Chuck Landis, took her under his wing the day she entered the world. Tiffany learned budgets while she was still in elementary school and completed her first actual business plan at the age of 8. She participated in to her first marketing and PR meeting at the age of 12. Tiffany was then given the reins of an aspect of one of Chuck’s many businesses before her 13th birthday. Tiffany is a classically trained ballerina, which, from a young age, taught her poise under pressure, stamina, grace, structure and an incredible work ethic. However, Tiffany learned she did not like the bright lights of the stage or the spotlight that accompanied it. She found herself consistently drawn to the business aspects of making things work. She took a job at KLAC, producing the LA Lakers radio show and simultaneously working in their marketing and PR departments. She received her first press pass at age 18, contributing to campaigns such as Pepsi Clear with Magic Johnson. Always insatiable, Tiffany decided to venture out and establish her own company. Her first success was in wedding and party planning and coordination. What started out simply and locally soon became a well-established, high-end business, attracting clients from all sides of the spectrum and financial base. An outside company took notice of her enterprise and invested in Tiffany, her knowledge and the business. She continued moving forward, expanding the company into its own, complete, full-service enterprise. There was no longer a need to outsource any of the work. Like every good start-up leader, she ultimately sold it to a much larger organization. After having her son, Spencer, an international corporation contacted Tiffany enlisting her help mending their public relations and publicity. She stepped in, and soon had garnered the name, “the fixer”. At this point, she was working as an independent contractor. Realizing the depth and breadth of her skills, the firm offered her a position within their organization, planning and coordinating all of their promotional events. The global nature the firm afforded Tiffany the opportunity to acquire knowledge of new and diverse business practices. After a short time, she was given a company within the company, which she ran for many years. Before joining Visual Arts Entertainment, Tiffany was a consultant in marketing, PR, management, HR and finance for a multitude of organizations both inside and outside the entertainment and music industry. In 2010, she decided to put down roots and join Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Shane Stanley, at the helm of Visual Arts Entertainment.






Multi-Emmy Award winning filmmaker Shane Stanley has worked in almost every capacity on and off the set starting with hit shows like Entertainment Tonight and Seinfeld.


Shane produced The Desperate Passage Series, which was nominated for 33 individual Emmy Awards and won 13. In this series, five of the seven specials went "NUMBER ONE" in the Neilson Ratings, which included A Time for Life and Gridiron Gang. A Time for Life, (created by Shane), was acquired by Disney as a feature film and won the coveted Christopher Award. Gridiron Gang was an Emmy winner and  was acquired by Sony Pictures and produced into a #1 Box Office hit starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


In 2004, Shane made his directorial debut on his own screenplay, A Sight For Sore Eyes, which starred Academy Award nominee, Gary Busey. The motion picture was honored with the Special Jury Award at WorldFest Houston, won two Telly Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Film & Television as well as winning Best Live Action Film at the International Family Film Festival. A Sight for Sore Eyes ultimately won dozens of prestigious awards and was invited to screen at The Cannes Film Festival the following year.


Shane has directed several music videos, which have aired on VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown including two that went No. 1 and another that made the network’s list of Best 100 Music Videos of the Year. He also received a GMA Dove Nomination for directing the #1 Billboard hit, “Miracle” for StorySide:B. From there, Shane produced and directed dozens of national television commercials including the ad campaigns for Morongo Resorts, San Manuel Casino, Westgate Las Vegas, Scott Paper Towels, Snapple, Ford, Virgin Airways, Sony PlayStation, and the mega-hit gaming franchise “Call of Duty.”


Shane Executive Produced Gridiron Gang, the No. 1 Box Office hit starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for SONY Pictures based on Stanley’s Emmy Award winning documentary of the same title. After Gridiron Gang’s release, The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors honored Shane for the positive impact his work has had on society. Soon after, Shane completed "Beijing”, the official Olympic DVD for the Summer Games hosted by Jackie Chan and filmed on location in China.


Soon after, David Madden, President of FOX TELEVISION STUDIOS, recruited Shane to develop the network’s passion projects until Shane opted to focus on filmmaking. Since his time at Fox, Shane has produced, written and/or directed multiple motion pictures.


In addition to his Emmy Awards, Shane has received 11 Telly Awards, 2 CINE Golden Eagles Awards, 5 Aurora Awards, 4 WorldFest Remi Awards, and 23 International Film Festival Awards. 


Shane is the founder of Visual Arts Entertainment, a production company based in Los Angeles since 2000 and sits on the Board of Directors for the NFL’s Put Up Your Dukes Foundation. He and his wife of 10 years, actress Val Barri, are very active in pancreatic cancer and animal charities.



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